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Game Changers

Thursday, January 18

Without the people who broke creative barriers, explored farther, thought differently, and looked harder many museums might not exist. Today share someone who “changed the game” and the world through their work—share about an artist, a scientist, a biologist, or someone else that you’ve learned during a trip to the museum OR share someone that might be featured in a museum someday! Chicago’s museums will be doing the same thing.

I Love Museums

Friday, January 19

There are so many reasons to love museums but everyone has their own reason why. We want to hear it! Tweet or post a photo to Instagram about yours.

Museum Selfie

Saturday and Sunday, January 20–21

Whether you’re visiting solo or with a group of friends or family, strike your best pose in the coolest spot in the museum and share it with us and the world!

The Future

Monday, January 22

Are you creating or discovering something? From citizen scientists, to backyard gardeners, to creatives at home, museums are homes for curiosity and creativity. Post what you’re working on and which museum it relates to or is inspired by.


Tuesday, January 23

Museums are an important educational tool that brings inspiration to new perspective to visitors. Post a reason or two why museums play such a significant role in regards to people, culture, and cultivating the future.

The G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Time)

Wednesday, January 24

We all have that one exhibit or artwork that we will never forget! Share your all-time favorite works and/or exhibitions and tell a little about why it’s so important to you.

Throwback Thursday

Thursday, January 25

It’s Throwback Thursday (#TBT) museum -style today! Break out the black and whites, old Polaroid’s, or anything else that will take us back in time to past museum visits, old buildings. Chicago’s museums will be sharing today too.

Kids Day

Friday, January 26

Is there anything better than delighted screams in an exhibition hall, a kid’s first animal encounter, or the look of wonder on a child’s face? Share a youngster’s memorable moment or museum encounter today.
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